cheap oil press machine

We are a professional manufacturer and and exporter of Industrial Oil Press Machine. This machine is mainly used used for the oil processing of sesame, peanut, rapeseed, tea seed, soybean, oil sunflower, flax, cottonseed, corn, walnut and other raw materials. The oil made by this machine is safe and high quality. And this machine is mainly composed of automatic control part, heating and pressing part, adjusting part, driving part and vacuum oil filtering part. It is very simple and safe to operate. In addition, the Industrial Oil Press Machine covers a small area, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, reliable quality, high efficiency, and energy-saving. We believe that our Industrial Oil Press Machine will bring more economic benefits!

Oil pressing mill has two kinds of methods:Complete mechanical press(Pressed cake residual oil between 7% to 8%) and low pressure prepressing (Pressed cake residual oil between 12% to 20%), then use the solvent leaching to the prepressed cake. Oil fuel pretreatment is the starting point of oil producing, mainly including Storage, drying, preliminary cleaning, crushing, softening, pressing, steaming and frying, prepressing, puffing and stoving etc process. Pretreatment process will be also relevantly different according to the difference of oil varieties, processing purpose, and oil content. Our company has mastered the pretreatment method of various kinds of oil plants, especially for drying, soybean peeling, peanut red skin eliminating, softening, squeezing, swelling etc, with advanced and mature technology.

Our pretreatment oil pressing technology has the following characteristics:

1. Adopting the combination of different, can be processing for a variety of fuel in a workshop.

2. Can be pressed for a variety of oil,big single output, low residual oil.

3. Take special pretreatment technology of strengthening the fragrance to flavor peanut oi.

4. Adopt advanced and reliable peeling technology to the protein content of cake with higher requirements.

5. Using expanded processing to the raw material of difficult leaching、big powder or higher quality required, reduce the residual oil and solvent consumption,the yields increased by 50-80% .

6. Adopt new technology of peeling and cryogenic treatment, can guarantee the high protein content and least degeneration.