cold pressed oil machine

Press oil machine is combined pressing cage, gear box, hopper, screw axis and machine base. This type of press oil machine can provide the most efficient oil extraction rate and would be easy to operate.

Most important of all, the reasonable structure allows flexible oil pressing capacity, ranges from small size to large size. Our press oil machine is designed in small size to save space of oil processing. Every part is made with premium quality materials.

Press oil machine has high oil yield, and low oil residual rate. In addition, we can supply customized machine based on the specific requirements.

Daily production capacity: pressing 80-100 Ton, prepressing 180-240 Ton.

The oil press has two functions: pressing and prepressing, under the condition of normal pretreatment, main performance characteristics are as follows:

1.With a large handling capacity, the workshop covers an area of smaller, low power consumption, reasonable and generous appearance.

2.The cake structure prepressing loose but not scattered, iadvantageous to the solvent penetration.

3.The oil and water content in cake, and is suitable for solvent leaching

4.The barrel screw using light pressure, regular pressure, the pressure step by step and other advanced technology, low residual oil in cake.

5.The cake checking mechanism adopting the worm gear and worm patent technology, no need to stop, easy and quick for calibration and adjustment.

6.Extracting cage has the design of ear plate opening and closing, easy to assembly and maintain, reduce labor intensity.

7.Using labyrinth seal for the end face of pressing bolts, Solve the problem of pressing bolts junction surface and dregs seeping.

8.The quality of pressed oil refining rate is high.

9.The machine quality and the yield of extractor fit well.

10.Pressurize progressively, to reverse material in a pressurized state, can effectively solve the problem like difficult to press of corn germ, dry coconut, rapeseed such oil plants.

Cold Pressing Oil Machine is an equipment adopts the cold-pressed oil production method. This method belongs to the physical method, which has no effect on the oil nutrients. The color of cold pressed oil is clear and the taste is light. This Cold Pressing Oil Machine is suitable for peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, oil sunflower, cottonseed, soybean and other 30 kinds of oil crops. It is simple to operate and maintain. You can rest assure that the quality of our Cold Pressing Oil Machine is guaranteed, and the price we offer is competitive. These machines are sold well all over the world. If you are interested, please contact with us directly!