cooking oil press machine

Cooking oil pressing machine is contain automatic heating device and temperature controlling system.

Working principle of cooking oil pressing machine: Separate the oil from the raw material by physical spiral extrusion. It is easier to operate and maintain.

The advantage of cooking oil pressing machine:

1. High oil yield: Directional pressure, multistage propulsion, can press oil out at one-time.

2. Safe and convenient: Compact structure, small floor space, easy and safe operation with traditional full enclosed protective covers.

3. Easy to install and operate.

Oil Pressing Machine is a machine that extrudes grease from oil by raising the temperature and activating the oil molecules with the help of external mechanical forces. It is suitable for all kinds of oil crops, such as peanuts, soybeans, sesame, flaxseed and so on. The Oil Pressing Machine has high hardness and strength, strong wear resistance and long useful life. This machine is energy-saving and economic, can save 40% of electronic power and manpower. The application of our Oil Pressing Machine will increase oil yield and create more economic benefits.

Oil processing machinery is widely use to squeeze various kinds of oil materials, like ground nuts, beans, cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower, coconuts and etc. By squeezing way, the nutrition can be saved, and be more delicious. It is made of stainless steel, which has good strength and good resistance to corrosion and rust. With the digital panel, this oil processing machinery is simple to operate. It is easy to clean and maintain. too. The application off our oil processing machinery will ensure the quality of oil, improve the oil yield and create more economic benefits.

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