edible oil refinery plant

Refined oil equipment mainly used for processing work of the oil squeezed out, to make raw material reach the standards of dump oil (can be barrelling on the supermarket)or the national senior cooking oil. Plant oil is just the product of oil pressing or leaching, it contains material that’s harmful to the consumer. Some of these substances are naturally occurring, some are in the process of production or storage, for people to consumption, these substances must be removed carefully. Due to the different cause of them, the refining work must take steps uner different conditions. According to different crude oil, refining process can bedevided into: degumming, deacidification, decoloring, deodorization, degumming, dewaxing and other steps, Can adapt a few of them or all of the process on the basis of oil varieties.

Oil processing machine is a screw oil press that can extract oil from various seeds, such as cotton seeds, soybean, peanut kernels, rape seeds and so on. Oil processing machine is high pressure, high oil output and thin cake. Our machine passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification. Little investment, high production efficiency and high profits.

Process :

1. Installation: The customer installs the machine;

2. Running-in: Every new machine should be running-in;

3. Cleaning: After the running-in is finished, the cleaning is carried out;

4. Heating up: Keep the temperature of the oil press at 90 degrees for each press;

5. Press: Start feeding slowly for 3 minutes to 5 minutes until the strip drains the oil before it starts to work properly.

Edible Oil Making Machine characterized by simple desigh, easy to operate, high production and high oil output rate. Moreover, this machine can also be used for various raw materials, by depending on the oil content of particular crop you are pressing.

A Screw consists basically assembly by press ring and press bar, a shaft fitted with spirally-arranged worm sections, rather like a screw. The shaft turns horizontally in a cage consisting of press bars that are clamped together forming a kind of squeeze tube around the shaft.

During running, the worm assembly moves the oil-seed from the feed-end to the discharge-end, make the oil through the slots between the bars of the of the cage. The oil-seed, as it moves along the shaft, loses oil, and its volume decreases accordingly.

Features of Edible Oil Making Machine

1. Energy Saving: The electric power can be reduced by 40% under the same output. For example, the machine can save 6 kilowatt at an average of one hour.

2. Labor Saving: 60% labor can be saved under the same output. One or two person can organize the production.

3. Widely Usage: The machine is multi-function. It can process more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as, peanut, linseed, sesame, rapeseeds, sunflower, cottonseeds, soybean, etc.

4. Oil Pure: Vaccum filter can filter the residue and ensure the oil quality. The oil can meet the standard of health quarantine.