oil refinery machine

Oil Refinery Machinery has automatic control heating, oil extraction, filtration and other functions. It canheat up the pressing chamber before pressing, improve the oil yield, and filter the crude oil in time during the pressing process. This Oil Refinery Machinery is a edible oil refining equipment from qie. Its simple structure and strong maintainability make it very popular in Africa, South America, Asia.  Also, this machine just needs very little electricity and covers only a few square meters. Our Oil Refinery Machinery can realize the automation of production, improve working efficiency and bring more economic benefits. We have a wide range of products. If you are interested, please contact with us!

This set of crude oil refinery plant  is used for cleaning crude oil, when you produce the oil by the oil press, the oil can not eating directly, you must cleaning the oil, include degumming and deacidification, decolor, deodorization three sections, oil after refined can be sold or ate directly.


1. Simple structure in linear type, and easy in installation and maintenance.

2. Adopting advanced China famous brand components in electric parts and operation parts.

3. Full automatic and continuous working.

4. Running in a high automation and intelligent nation with no pollution.

5.Environmental friendly, low noise and power consumption.

6. It adopts food grade stainless steel material and is polished; it meets the national food machinery standard.

7. Simple design and exquisite appearance to improve customer satisfaction.

8. The operation data is all displayed by the meter, the operation is simple, and the operation is safe; the ordinary staff can work on the machine after watching the operating video.

9.It can realize the functions of dephosphorization, de-alkali and dehydration of oil products, and can also perform constant temperature decolorization according to user needs.