sesame seed oil extraction machine

High yield sesame oil press has automatic control heating, oil extraction, filtration and other functions. It can heat up the pressing chamber before pressing, improve the oil yield, and filter the crude oil in time during the pressing process. This high yield sesame oil press is suitable for rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, flax seed, palm, castor bean, sou seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, rice bran, corn germ, walnut, almond, tea seed, pine seed and other oil crops. Also, this machine just needs very little electricity and covers only a few square meters. Our high yield sesame oil press can realize the automation of production, improve working efficiency and bring more economic benefits.


1.The high yield sesame oil press has simple structure.

2.It is designed with the most advanced technology.

3.This machine is simple to operate and maintain.

4.The oil obtained through this machine is pure, safe and healthy.

5.Our press can give a long service life.

Sesame Oil PressĀ Application
Automatic hydraulic oil press is the most advanced equipment and it is a best choice to instead of hand-operated worker currently. Auto hydraulic oil press is the easiest to operate, having the highest oil yield, the least to replace wearing parts among all the range of machines. as it can press less amount per time(2-8 kg / time), and processing shorter timeļ¼ˆ8-l2 minutes / time), particularly suitable for people from large cities to spend less money to buy real goods, rural towns can ensure fast processing of incoming (get their own fuel oil), known as assured oil. the main processing oil crops are: sesame, walnut, olive, pine nuts (peeled is best), almond and other high oil crops.