soybean oil production line

Soybean is a plant whose seeds are rich in plant protein. Soy is most commonly used to make a variety of soy products, extract soy oil, make soy sauce and extract protein. After extracting human edible oil from soybeans, the remaining by-product is soybean meal, which is a high-quality protein feed. It is a good source of protein for poultry, pigs, and ruminants such as cows and beef cattle. Among them, soybean cake refers to the residual cake of soybean after being pressed and deoiled, which is shaped like a round cake after hydraulic pressure, and thin sheet after screw oil pressing. When use as feed, need to break first hind smash again can use. Because of the flavor after crushing, livestock is very fond of food.

Soybean oil: soybean oil produced by soybean processing is one of the most important edible oils. It is an important source of unsaturated fatty acids, can play a role in reducing cholesterol, hypertension, cardiovascular disease also has the effect of adjuvant treatment. Refined soybean oil formed by refining is mainly used for edible purposes. Soybean oil is highly processed to produce or provide important raw materials for the following products.

Soybean oil is produced from the seeds of the soybean plant.

Features of Soybean Oil Expeller Machine:

1. Simple design,small volume,light-weight,easy to handle and move

2. Easy to operate, low labor intensity and high economical profit

3. Full equipped preparing, tested before shipping

4.Lengthening chamber design, extending pressing time, improving oil yield