sunflower oil press machine

Sunflower oil is the oil extracted from sunflower seeds, because it is rich in nutrition, people in many countries in the world love to eat, some call it healthy oil, longevity oil. Have diuretic effect, but cowardly phlegm.

 Sunflower oil quality characteristics are:

 The color is light yellow, transparent and clear.

 The taste is fragrant, no peculiar smell.

 Low melting point, easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

 Sunflower oil features:

 The content of linoleic acid with bigger action to human body health is the most in vegetable oil, accordingly, edible sunflower oil, have better curative effect to hypertensive patient, fat person and cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction, nephrotic patient.

 Sunflower oil, in addition to cooking oil, can be used for cold dishes, cold food seasoning oil, make dishes delicious fragrance.

Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine is a volution oil press that can press oil from various oil seeds and nuts. Sunflower’s kernel contains 30%-45% fat, up to 60%. Sunflower seed oil is golden in color, clear and transparent, and fragrant in smell. As an important cooking oil, sunflower seed oil contains a lot of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acid. This Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine is mainly composed of feed part, gear box, pressing cage, screw shaft and the machine stand. And the whole machine is coated with anti-rust oil, can give a long service life. Our Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine supports cold press and hot press, after roaster, the oil will be more tasty, but it’s fine without roaster, and the oil yield is the same. It is sold well all over the world as it has the advantages of reliable quality, simple operation, and energy-saving.

we are leading company in sunflower seed processing filed. We sell a large range of sunflower seeds oil expeller machines. Our objective is to manufacture and supply the most efficient and cleanest sunflower oil expelling machines for our customers.

Features of Sunflower Oil Expeller Machine

1. Compact structure, stable function, simple maintenance

2. Cold and hot press Small cold oil press machine

3.Vegetable oil seeds, soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, coconut etc

4.Low labor cost